Item 3200908414 O2 Oxygen Jet 3rd generation
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The newest Almighty oxygen jet adopts the hight precision design from Japan, based on the mature
oxygen technique, improve and advance the precision, abstract 98% pure oxygen from the air, combine with
the fittings which was special designed, no only can act on the face,but also on the other parts of the
body, the oxygen treatment became more almighty, more completely..


1. Make up oxygen for skin speedily, renew vital forces.
2. Activate cells, recover elasticity.
3. Remove wrinkles, slow down aging.
4. Make up water, smooth and whiten skins.
5. Remove face flaw, reduce all kinds of speckles.
6. Dredge venation, advance circulation, accelerate
7. Relax nerve, decompress, adjust incretion and improve
    insomnia, perturbed, headache, irascibility, fatigue and so on.


1) Four in one, curative effect becomes more almighty

2) The safest: no any side-effect and inferior reactions

3) The healthiest and most economic

Mål: 56×53×110.5cm  Vægt: 45kg

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